Open Dining Room for Natural Atmosphere

For those who do  not like the ordinary dining room, they should try to design open dining room. The design of the dining room in a House need to be made to be a comfortable place for all family members of one of these is outdoor dining room area. The idea of an open dining room in minimalist House is intended to provide an atmosphere of relax for all of family members in enjoying eating together at home. Open place eating familiar found in a recreation or a formal event with the concept of garden parties.

The open dining room design  addopt the concept of eating together in one event open so it can be placed on the back of a house near a park or pond. The purpose of this design is to create an open dining room that has the feel of nature while eating and can enjoy the fresh outdoor air. The design of the outdoor dining area is widely used in the restaurant and luxury hotels to entertain guests who came. The design of the dining room opens on a hotel usually placed in a overlooking area such as the garden or the swimming pool. Outdoor dining area can also provide a relaxing feeling to people who enjoy eating in the dining room. To create an outdoor dining area in the home page can be placed back home or in a room that has an open section and has scenic views and natural as fish ponds, swimming pool or the garden. Such a view of the garden and the pool like this is important in creating a natural atmosphere to an open dining room at home. As a design inspiration dining room open, we recommend to set the open dining room in the garden, by the pool, or even in the balcony. For outdoor dining room property you should use table and chairs made of wood, also add the flowers and candles so thatthe warmth of the atmosphere of the time with the family is increasingly felt. Color selection on the dinner table accessories should also note, you can choose soft colors and natural colors such as white, green, blue, and brown.

The open dining room is will also eliminate the feeling of being saturated with atmosphere of the room that are not dynamic. This is because the dining room is direct to an object can move as daung plants in the garden that move exposed wind gusts or movement of the fish in the pond. In addition to a moving object last on an outdoor dining area will further relax again when presented by the natural sound like the water from the pool created a waterfall or shower. Voice and such an atmosphere that will give you comfort and eliminate saturated perrasaanfor family members who were enjoying a meal in the room to eat. That was the last full review about the dining room. Hopefully after reading this article you can get inspiration about the open dining room.

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